Rihana Hawk

Rihana Hak Columbia Realtor


CoMo Realty

Rihana Hawk is a Missouri transplant from Charlotte, NC where she worked on an ambulance for eight years. After moving to the area, she and her boyfriend started a property management business in Columbia. With that, she has gained experience with rentals, renovations, short term rentals, tenant management, property renovations, staging, and interior decorating. Rihana has bought and sold many properties both as the buyer and seller, so she knows what it feels like to be on both sides of the transaction. She can negotiate a good deal when purchasing, and get the highest amount when selling. Over the years Rihana has gained insight into the local real estate market, negotiations, what buyers and sellers value, and the many pitfalls to expect during these processes.
Rihana will always provide to her clients: a strong work ethic, the ability to stay calm under pressure, an excellent eye for detail, and the experience to help both buyers and sellers get the best results.